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Haiti Synchrony

The H Entertainment & Productions Presents Haiti Synchrony August 26, 2023, | Steinmetz Hall | 8 p.m.

Experience Haiti like never before! The staging of “Haiti Synchrony” is an expansive journey of poetry, music, dance, singing, video, and artistic creation. A rather lighthearted make-up of expressive contributions where each artist parades in a dynamic act. Haiti Synchrony is an all-new live show based on five symbolic periods of time in Haitian history. Starting with the Bois Caiman ceremony of Haiti, we will whimsically represent each period of rich Haitian history. You will experience lively scenes and several temporalities with many characters. This show provides an imagery of a standing Haiti facing adversity, one of all miserable cliches.

Featuring Haitian National singers, Emeline Michel, the matriarch of Haitian music who brings the soul of Haiti to the international stage, James Germain, a once in a lifetime talent who has transcended Haitian music to a new frontier, Riva Precil, a trailblazer who breaches generational barriers, Andre Fouad, poet, writer, and journalist who chose the stage as home, Kathy Laurent Pourcel, choreographer/dancer at Paris Opera, whosechoreography creates the link between body and soul; each show is experienced with a beautiful intensity and Blanchard Mackenson, comedian and dancer, who represented Haiti at Leicester Cathedral in the United Kingdom as part of the "Let's Dance International Frontiers Festival." These musicians, dancers and poets will join their voices to allow different points of view to be heard while focusing on Haiti through different times. Gathered in a common space, their voices form an echo in a “Tout-Spectacle” under the direction of Emmanuel Vilsaint, Artistic Director.

Haiti Synchrony wishes to offer an inclusive but demanding cultural offer made up of Maria Janvier Charles- Executive Producer, Sem Chery - Assistant Producer, Gerson Termilus - Communication Officer, and Farah Augustin Denis - Marketing Specialist. This team aims to highlight the strength of this nation and display an image the world needs to see to demonstrate Haiti’s common points with Western countries and participate in global democracy. Haiti Synchrony opens a fantastic world in which characters seek their individual and social identity.

This magnificent show was created to respond to the yearning for education regarding Haiti from new and future generations of Haitian Americans and foreigners who long to understand how Haiti was able to arrive at its place in history. It is an occasion for Haitians and cultural enthusiasts to discover the unknowns of Haiti’s history, connect with it and inspire change.

By purchasing a ticket you are authorizing the Dr. Phillips Center to share your info with show producer. Prices, shows, artists, dates and times are subject to change at any time without notice. The views and opinions expressed within this show are those of the artist(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Dr. Phillips Center.

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